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These Portraits are dedicated to Animal Lovers everywhere

Since he was a child, Ray has had a deep love for animals.  
He has raised and owned everything from horses to chickens and everything in between.  

As a professional photographer, he has been photographing domestic as well as wild animals for over 40 years.  By combining his scenic photography with his animal photographs he has created "Wild Animal Portraits".  A unique way to see God's creatures in beautiful settings that, in some cases, are not normal to their habitat.  Also, to see animals together in the same Portrait you would not see in nature.

The Bible says someday the Lion will lay down with the Lamb, photographically we have made that day - today! 


All Animals and Scenic Photographs were personally taken and are copyrighted by Ray Westbrook.


You can have your Wild Animal Portrait Rendered an Art Piece 

Zoos, Wildlife Parks and Sanctuaries

We are available to photograph at your facility,  Ask for details.

Print a PDF "Wild Animal Brochure" here