Wedding Photography
 as seen through the Brides Misty Eyes

No Longer Offer this Service


There are two types of wedding photographers in this world: those that have the technical skills to capture your features in a picture; and those that have that uncanny ability to capture your radiance, that glow beneath your skin that poets have been writing about since time began. Our clients tell us we are in the latter category. You deserve photography that is more than just skin deep.

Our style portrays what's in a bride's heart on that very romantic day. We capture the wedding as seen through the bride's misty eyes. This may sound corny; however, I've never met a bride that didn't want every exquisite, sentimental moment of her wedding day perfectly captured to re-live year after year. That is precisely what we offer our clients, photography that touches the heart.

After the cake is eaten, the flowers are wilted, the food is long gone, and the bridal gown is stored forever, your wedding photographs are the only part of your entire wedding that hasn't faded to just a vague misty memory.



Ray has photographed many thousands of Wedding, from small casual events to hundreds of thousands of dollar extravaganzas. No mater what kind or Wedding your having, big or small, Ray will deliver the same extraordinarily beautiful, creative, romantic memories captured forever to be enjoyed for generations to come.    

Why risk one of the most important days of your life. to a friend or a person though meaning well gives you disappointing results, disappointment that will last a life time. 

A Wedding is one of the most difficult assignments a photography can under take.  Don't trust that most important day to any less then the very best professional that will deliver the quality memories you deserve , that will bring wonderful memories for the rest of your life.

 Reserve your wedding date as soon as possible. Dates tend to book up quickly. When you decide on your photographer, move quickly to secure the date with a
 deposit to ensure you won't be disappointed.




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