Chapter 1  Eternity

  • Where does a person go after this life, when their spirit leaves the body.  
  • How long will they be in this place after death.
  • Intellectualism - a stumbling block to finding the truth.  
  • The teaching of evolution.  What actual proof if any, is there for this "theory"
  • Science Doesn't know everything.  Folks look to PhD's for the answers.
  • God creates everything "After it's kind".  What God has to say about species.
  • What about Carbon 14 dating?
  • The Sun and the Grand canyon speak 
  • Man's ancestors according to science.

Chapter 2  Is the Bible the Word of God?

  • The Bible as the real authority. 
  • Millions have turned to this Book over the centuries.
  • Dead Sea Scrolls - the Bible doesn't change.
  • God exist outside of the time domain. He sees the beginning to the end.

  Chapter 3  God's Plan for Man

  • The Love Story - The bible is a love story given from a loving God to man.
  • How does man demonstrate his love for God.
  • Bad news for mankind - Satan appears.
  • The Title Deed passes from man to Satan.
  • Jesus is the second Adam ( a kinsman redeemer).
  • Jesus the living Word of God.
  • How does God communicate his Message to future generations?
  • What Jesus said of the Scriptures concerning Himself.
  • Abram (later Abraham) Gods man of the hour.
  • God outside of time.
  • What separates Jesus from all the others.
  • Father knows best. One would think the Creator would know best.

Chapter 4  The Proof of the Bible (sample Chapter Link)

  • Prophecy - the key the authenticity of the Bible.
  • The coming Messiah (the first time)
  • The second coming of the Messiah.
  • The very day he would come foretold.
  • The seventieth week of Daniel
  • The day Jesus would claim Himself as King - Messiah
  • The Rapture of the Church. God sparing His Children from the Wrath of God.
  • The Jewish people, a fulfillment of Prophecy.
  • The valley of dry bones, a Metaphor of Israel

Chapter 5  Heaven: Fact or Fiction

  • Is there such a place as Heaven?
  • Bodies for earth and bodies for Heaven.
  • Explain today's world to a cowboy.
  • New Heaven and a New Earth.

Chapter 6  The Fact of Hell

  • Hell is a very misunderstood place,  Hades & Ghenennah.
  • Righteous vs. Un-righteous.  
  • Jesus the only sinless person who every lived.
  • Jesus empties Hell (Hades).
  • Jesus' story about Hades (Hell).
  • Mankind loves to categorize everything.
  • The real Hells permanent location "Ghenennah".
  • The Great White Throne judgment of God.
  • Hear and Respond.
  • Lost or Saved for Eternity.
  • Is Man basically Good or Evil?
  • School shootings - Why?
  • Saved from Hell!

Chapter 7  The Fact of the Devil

  • Is Satan a real person?
  • Satan calls God a liar.
  • Lucifer originally created perfect.
  • Satan's fall
  • The Devil (Satan) is single minded.

Chapter 8  Who is Jesus?

  • The most Famous person that ever lived.
  • The entire Bible is about one person - Jesus
  • Belief in Jesus will divide families.
  • The Law of God.
  • The Passover.
  • The Lamb of God.
  • A Creator's Love.
  • Who is Jesus really?
  • One God, Three persons.
  • Communing with God face to face.
  • Born Again
  • Restored to God
  • The catch to Salvation

Chapter 9  How to get to Heaven

  • Get on the right road to Eternity.
  • Follow the Bereans example.
  • Spiritually discerned
  • A New Heaven and a New Earth.