How to Get to Heaven – the easy way, is a concise look at God's Word as it relates to where one will spend eternity.  How you get to Heaven and stay out of Hell.

It’s not complicated or hard, it’s actually very simple.

How to Get to Heaven, covers how to look beyond the worlds answers and have faith in what God has to say in His Word.  God has much to say about finding the correct path  to Salvation and to spend eternity with  Him.  He purposely made it very easy.

Satan on the other hand will make everything complicated. He has thrown many obstacles, wrong teachings and teachers in our way.  He tries to corrupt Gods way and make finding salvation vary hard to impossible.  You have to work you way to Heaven, is Satan's way.  Satan's way is very difficult and as complicated as possible, so no one thinks they can make it. You are always trying to please God, to gain points toward earning salvation.

There is only one way the Heaven - God's Way!!

 The greatest asset you have finding the the correct path  is a sincere desire to know the truth,  find God's true way to Salvation and Eternity.   Intellectualism generally is not an asset in finding the truth. People who think of themselves as very intelligent and smart can be manipulated by Satan very easily. After finding the correct way to God, Intellectualism can come in  handy and be a great asset.

The people of the world are looking to the scientific community for the answers to all things, including the spiritual .  This group is giving them theories like “Evolution, Big Bang, Natural Selection, etc” as answers as to  the origin of man on this planet, and why we are here, when there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE WHAT SO EVER for these so called theories!!  However, many people,  believe these fairy tells as fact!!

How to Get to Heaven exposes these “theories” for what they are lies!!

God has very carefully laid out His plan for man, so even the simplest of us can understand the procedure to obtain salvation and to spend all eternity with Him in Heaven.