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Looking Good

Here are a few helpful hints on what to wear, to maximize your Portrait.
This was written with High School Seniors in mind, However, these are general suggestions and apply to ALL PORTRAIT SESSIONS.

What to Wear?

You will want to bring a traditional outfit, that won't be outdated in just a few years.  Some call this the "Parent Pleaser or Grandparent Pleaser".  Portraits made in this type of clothes will be specially good for a Wall Portrait.  You may want to discuss this with toughs closest to you and decide on what room the portrait will be displayed and coordinate the outfit with the colors and formality of this room.

Sweaters, suites and dresses work well in this category.  Solid colors or very subtle prints are best in medium or darker tones.  

Getting casual.  Other outfits in your session should truly represent the way you are.  You can actually wear something your friends will recognize you in!  You can wear bolder colors and trendy clothes. 

Below are some points to keep in mind while choosing your clothing.

  • Make sure it fits!  Clothes that are too loose or too tight are not flattering.  Make sure you select clothes that fit you properly.

  • Color is one of the most important decisions.  Choose colors in the clothing that are complimentary to your skin tone. If you receive compliments when you are wearing a certain color, that might be the thing to wear.

  • If you want to appear slim, avoid horizontal stripes, and light colors.  Dark colors tend to slim a person.

  • Sleeveless clothing is not recommended and makes one look heavy. It makes arms appear larger than they are.  Long sleeve clothing is the best choice.

  • Sweater photograph well any time of the year.  Jacket for Individual portraits work well. We keep the temperature in the studio comfortable all year.  Don't hesitate to wear a sweater just because it is warm outside.

  • If you cannot decide which outfits to wear, feel free to bring along additional choices and we will help you decide which will photograph best.

  • Dress from head to toe!  Remember all that you will need to complete an outfit.  Socks, hose, shoes and jewelry are some of the most commonly forgotten items.

  • We cannot be responsible for disapproval of clothing, hair or make-up choices.  Please be sure your parents approve of what you have picked out.

  • If you are doing any group portraits make sure you are coordinated with color and style. The more thought you put into your outfits the better your portrait will turn out.

Getting Ready!

  • If you ware make-up, apply it as you normally would.  If you are a diehard natural, and normally do not wear a bit of make-up, we do suggest a minimum or color on the lips and a little eyeliner

  • Avoid a brand new hairstyle or hair cut.  You will not look like you!  Please have your hair ready when you arrive at the studio so only a quick touch up is necessary.  Hair cannot be retouched.  so it is your responsibility to style it exactly as you wish it to appear in your finished portraits.  The photographer will not suggestion or changes in you hair.  There are a variety of styles from smooth and styled to rough and messy look.  The photographer will not assume to know your style.  Wrinkles show!!  Make sure your clothes are neatly pressed.

(Don't hesitate to call the studio at 541-367-5575 if you have any questions!)

Express Yourself

Senior Portraits can be really fun! We encourage you to bring along ideas or items to personalize your session. Here are some ideas to get you thinking...

  • Sports uniforms or equipment

  • Hobbies

  • Pets

  • Brothers or Sisters

  • Best Friend, Boy Friend or Girl Friend

  • Collections

  • Musical Instruments

  • Flowers

  • Cars, trucks or motorcycles

  • Horses

  • Anything that might portray the real you.

Avoid Sunburns! We all love the sun, but stay out of it a few days prior to your session.  a little color is always attractive, but don't overdue it.  We cannot change the redness of a burn.

We have the miracle of retouching!  If you wake up the morning of your session with a brand new blemish (which is inevitable) don't worry!  We have the ability to return your complexion to peaches and cream in the finished portraits.

Please feel free to call us as often as you need to.  No questions is too simple.  We want to make your session as memorable as possible, and we'll be glad to help in any way we can. 

If you ware glasses:

Glasses cause distortion to your facial features.  There also may be glare from the lights or sun. Any tint in your glasses will darken under the photographic lights.  It is vital that you do one of 2 things.

1) Ask your eye doctor to loan you a pair of frames like your own.  Most doctors are happy to help you.

2) Try some poses with and without your glasses.

Parents or Friends are welcome!!

Have you been asked by photographers to leave the camera room?  We are sure you have since your child was 2 years old.  This doesn't happen at the Westbrook Studio.

We feel no one knows your son or daughter or friend better than you.  We value your input during the session.  Since many of the portrait will be for you and your family and friends, we want to make sure we are on the right track in getting just what you want.  Be sure to communicate with us, the more knowledge we have the more your portraits will turn out exactly the you want them to.  If you aren't here, we can't know what you want.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to be involved during the whole session.



The Westbrook Studio does not produce old fashion paper proofs. You won't have to wait weeks to see your previews, you will see them immediately after your session.  We are a fully digital Studio.  Be ready to order your finished portrait prints at your photography session.  Bring all the decision makers with you.  If this is not possible we will be happy to make an appointment, generally within a week of your session  to order your finished photographs.  Remember if at all possible plan to have all the people who will be helping your make the decision regarding your finished portraits at this appointment.